We create content that educates

Nowadays, learning goes beyond the classroom and is at your fingertips. That is why the message must be accurate and captivate your target audience, may they be students, professionals, users or clients. Captivating the audience and delivering effective content are the
cornerstones of our service.



Short video instructions on the use of tools and implementation of processes.

Duration: 2-10 minutes


Online learning.Comprehensive production and edition of customized content for users and students in both single and module video formats.

Duration: 3-10 minutes


Videos for business promotion and marketing. Creativity and time spent to create ads with high impact. 

Duration: 1-2 minutes


Information about a company, product or service presented in a conceptual, entertaining, simple and to-the-point fashion.

Duration: 1-2 minutes


What is our
distinguishing characteristic?

We arespecialized in the creation of digital educational proposals. We devised a work method that allows us to guarantee high- volume production with no quality reduction, adjusted to the needs of your company or institution. We also rely on the support of experts in a wide range of
industries, trained to develop innovative pedagogical proposals.

«We have been working with PRAGMA for several years. Throughout all this time, while the professional relationship has been developing, they have proven flexibility, responsibility, creativity and a high standard of quality to meet our needs at all stages of the audiovisual creation process»

Rosita Zimmler

Head of Institutional Communications, Universidad Austral (University), Universidad Austral



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